Talked with a guy today who almost poked his eye out while sleepwalking. Said I felt bad for stitches and bruises on his face. He looked embarrassed, like I said something slightly inappropriate. Said Thank you.

Had a dream about a guy who was very, very tall, who I thought should be A’s new guy, and watched him extend his legs at will, like a superhero. We are sitting on a balcony of my old school friends, on the 17th floor, and looking at that guy looking at us from across the railing, standing on the ground. Fifty meters tall.

Other things I could mention, but I realize that topics depend on the language. Just as I cannot write about some stuff in Serbian, I cannot write about some others in English. All these faces we put on, to fit this or that illusion of ours. Wonder if one can ever write anything without an interlocutor in mind.

~ od olifAnt na 22 jula, 2010.

Jedno reagovanje to “faces”

  1. e takav muskarac ne po-sto-ji, sanjaj nesto realnije, molicu lepo.

    that’s why I stopped beleiving in words…

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