Sedeli smo na tom predosadnom sastanku, i onda smo poceli da se dopisujemo kao deca u osnovnoj skoli, pa se to pretvorilo u haiku-prepisku, i sad, ne zato sto su nesto posebno dobri (jer nisu), ali ipak bi mi nekako bilo drago da ih sacuvam, umesto da istrunu na nekom parcetu papira.

Is this kindergarten or what?

Futile Haiku

It’s a waste of time
This is absolutely not
What our work’s about

my intelligence
moans under the strain of this
insult  to its powers

I’m suffocating
this guy just took his shoes off (!?)
how long will this take?

That guy’s choice of clothes
reflects my wavering need
to assert myself

Do all these people
see their roles in projects? Or
are they just suck-ups?

Many sheep go willing
along with the shepherd, please
feed me before dark


is this supposed to
help us work? or  generate
useless papework?

this reeks of lack of
productivity, covered
in grand procedures

Everyone just tries to
make the teacher happy.
Now how lame is that?

teacher, Polly stole
my lolly; teach me how to
write a start memo

even our own F.
is joining the club of the
teacher’s  favorites

He’s always been keen
to hide his flaws behind an
adoring cute smile


We have to spend our
money on things that make us
look really busy

But back to F. now
Is his smile really that cute?
I never noticed

Words cannot capture
the radiance of his grand
yet slightly fake joy

[to be continued]

~ od olifAnt na 2 juna, 2010.

3 reagovanja to “meeting”

  1. tvoji su desni?

  2. sta mislis? 🙂

  3. reko’ desni 🙂

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