„Research shows that people of all ages and backgrounds have somewhat similar experiences when they come close to death and are revived. Although most experience nothing, those who do report experiences tend to describe going down a dark tunnel towards a bright light, leaving the body and viewing their body from above, travelling to a beautiful place where beings of light await them, occasionally experiencing scenes from their life replayed all at once, and finally having to make a difficult decision to return to ordinary life. Normally, the experience is happy and peaceful, although occasionally it can be hellish. Above all, it feels absolutely real – ‘realer than real’. … Reports from as long as two thousands years ago and from many different cultures suggest that the basic experience is common to humans everywhere and can affect them profoundly.

The core features of this complex experience can be understood in terms of what is going on in a brain under stress. For example, the surprisingly positive emotions are probably due to the brain releasing endorphins (morphine-like chemicals) under stress. Fear and stress also result in widespread random firing of neurons throughout the brain which, depending on where it occurs, has different effects. For example, stimulation of the temporal lobes (which can be done experimentally) can induce floating and flying sensations, memory flashbacks, and feelings of religious significance. Perhaps most interesting is the origin of the tunnel. Cells throughout the visual system are organised so that many are devoted to the centre of the visual field and far fewer to the periphery. So when all the cells fire randomly, the effect is like a bright light in the middle fading out towards the edges, or bands and lines in spirals and rings. This may be the origin of the near-death tunnel as well as the tunnels that are common in Shamanistic drawings and certain drug experiences.“

Susan Blackmore, The Meme Machine, Oxford University Press, 1999, 179.

~ od olifAnt na 17 marta, 2010.

3 reagovanja to “Svadja”

  1. kriva si, normalno.

  2. da, sad kad opet pogledam i sama uvidjam da sam ocigledno kriva, zar ne?

  3. i sad snosi posledice svog drugacijeg misljenja.

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